Infinitives - Exercises

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infinitives exercises make melekler
Insert to where necessary before the infinitives in brackets. (Parantez içindeki fiillerden önce eğer gerekiyorsa "to" koyun)

1 He made me (do) it all over again.
2 She can (sing) quite well.
3 He will be able (swim) very soon.
4 I used (live) in a caravan.
5 You ought (go) today. It may (rain) tomorrow.
6 You needn't (say) anything. Just nod your head and he will (understand).
7 I want (see) the house where our president was born.
8 He made her (repeat) the message.
9 May I (use) your phone?
10 You needn't (ask) for permission; you can (use) it whenever you like.
11 If you want (get) there before dark you should (start) at once.

12 I couldn't (remember) his address.
13 You'll be able (do) it yourself when you are older.

14 Would you like (go) now or shall we (wait) till the end?
15 They won't let us (leave) the Customs shed till our luggage has been examined.
16 How dare you (open) my letters!

17 He didn't dare (argue) with his boss.
18 I used (smoke) forty cigarettes a day.

19 Will you help me (move) the bookcase?
20 He wouldn't let my baby (play) with his gold watch.
21 They refused (accept) the bribe.

22 He is expected (arrive) in a few days.
23 Please let me (know) your decision as soon as possible.

24 He made us (wait) for hours.
25 Could you (tell) me the time, please?
26 We must (send) him a telegram.
27 I let him (go) early as he wanted (meet) his wife.

28 Where would you like (have) lunch?
29 You can (leave) your dog with us if you don't (want) (take) him with you.
30 I'd like him (go) to a university but I can't (make) him (go).
31 We could (go) to a concert, unless you'd prefer (visit) a museum.
32 You seem (know) this area very well. ~
Yes, I used (live) here.

33 The kidnappers told the parents (not inform) the police, and the parents didn't dare
34 Need I (come)? I'd much rather (stay) at home.
35 You can (take) a horse to water but you can't (make) him (drink). [FONT=&quot](proverb)[/FONT]
36 I'm sorry (disappoint) you but I can't (let) you (have) any more money till the end of
[FONT=&quot] the month. [/FONT]
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Bilge Gökçen

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Cevap: Infinitives - Exercises

1 do 2 sing 3 to swim 4 to live 5 to go, rain 6 say, understand 7 to see
8 repeat 9 use 10 ask, use 11 to get, start 12 remember 13 to do 14 to go, wait 15 leave
16 open 17 (to) argue 18 to smoke 19 (to) move 20 play 21 to accept 22 to arrive

23 know 24 wait 25 tell 26 send 27 go, to meet 28 to have 29 leave, want, to take 30 to go, make, go 31 go, to visit 32 to know, to live 33 not to inform, (to) disobey
34 come, stay 35 take, make, drink 36 to disappoint, let, have
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Cevap: Infinitives - Exercises

Insert to where necessary before the infinitives in brackets. (In of the sentences a present participle could be used instead of an infinitive. These alternatives will be noted in the key.)
1 It is easy (be) wise after the event.
2 Do you (wish) (make) a complaint?
3 We don't (want) anybody (know) that we are here.
4 If you can't (remember) his number you'd better (look) it up.
5 I want her (learn) Esperanto; I think everybody ought to (know) it?
6 He is said (be) the best surgeon in the country.
7 Visitors are asked (not feed) the animals.
8 Could I (see) Mr Pitt, please?-
I'm afraid Mr Pitt isn't in. Would you like (speak) to his secretary'

9 It's better (travel) hopefully than (arrive), (proverb)
10 He should (know) how (use) the film projector, but if he doesn't had better (show) him.
11 He was made (sign) a paper admitting his guilt.
12 I heard the door (open) and saw a shadow (move) across the floor.
13 He tried (make) me (believe) that he was my stepbrother.
14 As we seem (have missed) the train we may as well (go) back to the house.
15 I felt the house (shake) with the explosion,
16 He told me (try) (come) early.
17 Before he let us (go) he made us (promise) (not tell) anyone what had seen.
18 Would you (like) (come) in my car? ~
No, thanks. I'd rather (walk).
19 I advised him (ask) the bus conductor (tell) him where (get) off.
20 It is better (put) your money in a bank than (keep) it under your bed in an old stocking.
21 He doesn't even bother (read) letters, let alone (answer) them.
22 The bank robbers made the cashier (show) them how (open) thesafe.
23 If you knew he was wrong, why didn't you (say) something? ~
I didn't like (say) anything because he always gets angry if you contradict him.
24 It's better (be) sure than sorry.
25 What do you (want) me (tell) him? ~
Tell him that any time he cares (call) I shall be delighted (discuss) the matter with him.
26 Did you remember (give) him the money? ~
No, I didn't, I still have it in my pocket; but I'll (see) him tonight and I promise

(not forget) this time.
27 I saw the driver (open) his window and (throw) a box into the bushes.
28 That is far too heavy for one person (carry); let me (help) you.
29 I was afraid (pick) up the revolver as I don't know how (handle) firearms.
30 I saw the plane (crash) into the hill and (burst) into flames.
31 There is nothing (do) but (wait) till somebody comes (let) us out.
32 He heard a cock (crow) in a neighbouring village.
33 You may as well (tell) us the truth. It will (be) easy (check) your story.
34 The American said he had seen nine presidents (come) and (go). ~
He must (be) a very old man.

35 It is up to you (learn) the laws of your own country.
36 Would you rather (be) more stupid than you look or (look) more stupid than you are?
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Bilge Gökçen

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Cevap: Infinitives - Exercises

1 to be 2 wish to make 3 want, to know 4 remember, look 5 to learn,
to know 6 to be 7 not to feed 8 see, to speak 9 to travel, to arrive 10 know, to use, show 11 to sign 12 open/opening, move/moving 13 to make, believe 14 to have missed, go
15 shake/shaking 16 to try, to come 17 go, promise, not to tell 18 like to come, walk
19 to ask, to tell, to get 20 to put, (to) keep 21 to read, answer 22 show, to open 23 say,
to say 24 to be 25 want, to tell, to call, to discuss 26 to give, see/be seeing, not to forget 27 open/opening, throw/throwing 28 to carry, help 29 to pick, to handle 30 rash/crashing,
burst/bursting 31 to do, wait, to let 32 crow/crowing 33 tell, be, to check 34 come, go, be/have been 35 to learn 36 be, look

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