Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?

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present perfect present perfect continuous exercises and continuous exercises or vs vs
Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or the present perfect continuous tense.
(In some cases either could be used.)
1 We (walk) ten kilometres.
2 We (walk) for three hours.
3 You (walk) too fast. That's why you are tired.
4 I (make) sausage rolls for the party all the morning.
5 How many you (make)? ~
I (make) 200.
6 That boy (eat) seven ice-creams.
7 He (not stop) eating since he arrived.
8 The driver (drink). I think someone else ought to drive.
9 I (pull) up 100 dandelions.
10 I (pull) up dandelions all day.
11 What you (do)? ~
We (pick) apples.
12 How many you (pick)? ~
We (pick) ten basketfuls.
13 I (sleep) on every bed in this house and I don't like any of them.
14 He (sleep) since ten o'clock. It's time he woke up.
15 He (ride); that's why he is wearing breeches.
16 I (ride) all the horses in this stable.
17 What a lovely smell! ~
Mary (make) jam.
18 The students (work) very well this term.
19 I only (hear) from him twice since he went away.
20 I (hear) from her regularly. She is a very good correspondent.
21 I (grease) my car. That's why my hands are so dirty.
22 I (polish) this table all the morning and she isn't satisfied with it yet.
23 I (work) for him for ten years and he never once (say) 'Good morning' to me.
24 He (teach) in this school for five years.
25 I (teach) hundreds of students but I never (meet) such a hopeless class as this.
26 Why you (be) so long in the garage? ~
The tyres were flat; I (pump) them up.
27 I (pump) up three tyres. Would you like to do the fourth?
28 I (look) for mushrooms but I (not find) any.
29 He (cough) a lot lately. He ought to give up smoking.
30 You (hear) the news? Tom and Ann are engaged! ~
That's not new; I (know) it for ages!
31 I (try) to finish this letter for the last half-hour. I wish you'd go away or stop talking. ~
I hardly (say) anything.
32 The driver of that car (sound) his horn for the last ten minutes.
33 It (rain) for two hours and the ground is too wet to play on, so the match (be) postponed.
34 He (hope) for a rise in salary for six months but he (not dare) to ask for it yet.
35 Mr Smith, you (whisper) to the student on your right for the last five minutes. You (help) him with his exam paper or he (help) you?
36 Why you (make) such a horrible noise? ~
I (lose) my key and I (try) to wake my wife by throwing stones at he window. ~
You (throw) stones at the wrong window. You live next door.
Bilge Gökçen

Bilge Gökçen

Yeni Üye
Cevap: Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?

1 have walked 2 have been walking/have walked 3 have been walking/have walked 4 have been making 5 have you made, have made 6 has eaten 7 hasn't stopped
8 has been drinking 9 have pulled 10 have been pulling 11 have you been doing, have been picking 12 have you picked, have picked 13 have slept 14 has been sleeping/has slept
15 has been riding 16 have ridden 17 has been making 18 have been working/have worked
19 have heard 20 have been hearing/have heard 21 have been greasing 22 have been polishing 23 have been working/have worked, has never said 24 has been teaching/has taught 25 have taught, have never met 26 have you been, have been pumping/have
pumped 27 have pumped 28 have been looking/have looked, haven't found 29 has been coughing/has coughed 30 have you heard, have known 31 have been trying, have said

32 has been sounding 33 has been raining/has rained, has been postponed 34 has been hoping, hasn't dared 35 have been whispering, have you been helping, has he been helping 36 have you been making, have lost, have been trying, have been throwing
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