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İngilizceden son dakika ödevim var. Uyuz oldum ama çare yok.Pamuk Prenses masalının ingilizcesini yazın ne olur acil :S


*Melekler Mekanı*
One winter day a queen in front of the window to hand sewing needles, while bankrupt. Part of the blood flowing from hands with cotton immediately deleted. I wish the queen said "up to ten of the following cotton white, lips red as drops of blood and hair on the window sill as if a black girl."
One day, instead of the queen's wishes have come. Snow White has given the name baby. Unfortunately, it died shortly after. In time, the king married again. His wife was a beautiful woman, but was not very good-hearted. Passing in front of the mirror all day, "Mirror mirror language come, tell me who better ask returning. Answer the following mirror miserable, "Are there any who doubt that I know, of course you are the best my queen."
One day the queen's mirror to these questions different had responded, "I know how to tell Snow White, but you my beautiful queen." This is a very angry over the queen just found a hunter and his "Snow White have received and taken into the forest, and to me it brings the heart," she ordered. Were taken to the forest, but the poor fellow to kill Snow White did not mince. Understand the situation that Snow White "Leave me here. Never again worry about my back, "he begged to have the hunter. Hunter came to the mercy and leave him there and took a gazelle in the heart of the queen.
Snow White took the path in the woods for hours. Saw a small hut disappeared when considering full. Doors open play though nobody has come in the absence. What was interesting that such a house. Seven small plates and cups on the table, seven small stop. Snow White is very open now for the poor something eaten. Then out to the second floor. A few hours later, Snow White was awakened by angry voice. "Our homes are what we call you?" Snow White garment workers in the house with seven little men standing around and looked. Told befall them. "As you can see," said "I can go anywhere No" No there, "he shouted in unison the seven dwarfs. "Here you can stay! But we should not open when no door to a stranger ever. "
Thus began living at the house of Snow White dwarf. The former had a life very different from now. Someone to talk to during the long days miss. One morning an old woman stole the door. There was a lot of interesting things in his hand cart. Snow White from the open window to talk to women reaching itself did not receive.
Snow White in disguise that the old woman actually did not understand the queen. Unless you look in the mirror for months unless the queen one day have tried to look in the mirror to him, "I do not know how to say, but the Snow White you my beautiful queen," has deyiver. It fell into the path of anger over Queen Snow White's found the hiding place.
"Open the door to foreigners shouldn wise," said the queen. "But an apple, please accept as a token of good faith." To reject such a thing would be a shame for the Snow White and the woman went apple took a huge bite taken. When they returned home from work Snow White dwarfs the lies They found lifeless on the floor. Apple is still in the hands stop. Dwarfs in tears, "This is the queen's job!" He had. Snow White with a great grief to the lifeless body carrying a coffin and had glass.
One morning there is a pass through the coffin and the prince saw the beautiful girl inside. Fell in love at first sight. "I need to take to the palace" said. "One such worthy of princesses." Dwarves did not oppose. Prince to help carry the coffin had been. But just at this position in the apple part of Snow White's throat out. Snow White lying where the smiles have verified from. Snow White and the prince had a very happy life. The anger is too short a period of black-hearted queen died.
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